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Healthy Diet and Lifestyle Guide

A new and easily accessible guide has been produced in response to an extensive consultation that shows Black & Minority Ethnic (BME) older people can face barriers to accessing information about diet and exercise.

In the first such Scottish national consultation, the Big Lottery-funded Older People Services Development Project talked to more than 850 BME older people across Scotland.

Now the Older People Services Development Project, supported by NHS Health Scotland and the Scottish Government, has produced the Healthy Diet & Lifestyle Guide, providing multilingual and clear advice.

The Healthy Diet & Lifestyle Guide, launched at a special event in Dollar last week, has been welcomed by the Public Health Minister, Maureen Watt. 

She said: “I am pleased to support the publication of this guide.  We can lower the risks associated with a number of serious conditions such as diabetes and heart disease by ensuring we consume the right food in the right quantity. 

“By providing quality assured, accessible information that is suited to older people from a variety of different cultural backgrounds, we are able to provide the appropriate advice to support older people to make healthier choices with their diet, and thereby reduce the health inequalities that persist in some of those communities.”

Rohini Sharma Joshi, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Manager of Trust Housing Association, says the new guide will help BME older people to take more control of their own lifestyle.

BME older people can face a number of barriers to accessing information and practical advice about healthy eating,” she says. “This is an easy to access and multi-lingual guide, that also provides advice on how to follow and adapt a range of minority ethnic diets while maintaining health and nutritional balance.

“The Older People Services Development Project would like to thank the NHS Health Scotland, the Scottish Government and the Advisory Group for their support in producing this guide.”

While some of those BME older people consulted had received information on healthy eating, some found this contradictory or not relevant to their diet, and they also felt they required more nutritional information in relation to a number of specific medical conditions, and to dietary differences.

A pdf version of the summary report and guide in English and six community languages is available now on the publications section of