Promoting Equality Respecting Diversity Embedding Inclusion

Projects (Past):


This project was developed in 2006 by the joint equalities programme of Trust, Hanover (Scotland) and Bield Housing Associations. The main purpose of the project was to increase the uptake of job opportunities by Black and Minority Ethnic (“BME”) people, within Edinburgh and the Lothians.

The Project secured a further two years’ funding in 2009 and deployed practical measures to tackle the under-representation of BME people in housing and public sector jobs in Edinburgh and Lothians.

Many BME people encounter barriers that prevent them from accessing employment opportunities in housing and the public sector.
The Job Opportunities Support Project aimed to provide a liaison between BME communities and public sector employers to help overcome barriers to employment and career advancement.

The project also worked alongside agencies like Career Scotland, Job Centre Plus and organised workshops and training sessions on CVs, how to complete job applications form and most importantly interview skills. Over the duration of 5 years, 300 BME people were registered to the project, receiving support with CV’s, application forms, interview skills and feedback.



The Pension Benefit Outreach Programme was a cutting-edge project which initiated in 2005, by the joint equality programme of Trust, Hanover (Scotland) and Bield Housing Associations. The project helped individual Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) older people to understand what benefits and allowances they were entitled to and assisted them to get these.

The Pension Benefit Outreach project worked by breaking down barriers through active outreach work in Scotland.
The project delivered substantial results despite the fact that resources were limited to a single outreach worker funded for a limited period.
It raised approximately £400,000 in benefits for BME older people where, over 400 people were assessed