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Happy to Translate

More than 150 languages are spoken in the UK and many people speak little or no English. This can make every day tasks such as attending appointments or completing forms very stressful. Organisations are legally obliged to give you access to their information and services in your own language.

Happy to Translate was created with Scottish Government funding in 2004 by Trust, Hanover and Bield Housing Associations (now solely managed by Trust) and a pilot scheme launched with a membership of 10 in 2005. 

It is now an award-winning, not-for-profit national initiative which helps organisations to provide access to information and services by overcoming language barriers. Organisations which are members of Happy to Translate display our logo and have staff who have been trained to use specialist tools to make it easier to overcome communication barriers.

Member organisations receive support in the form of best practice guidance. Central to this is a bespoke training programme on the use of a user-friendly specialist Toolkit, a password protected intranet website and practical tools to assist non-English speakers.

Frontline staff and managers alike gain the knowledge and confidence to accurately assess language and dialect, then make arrangements for documents to be translated or for a professional interpreter to be brought in. 

“A small initiative that punches above its weight in how it goes beyond compliance and meaningfully engages with communities on equality matters”.

BBC Scotland’s Catriona Shearer describing HTT at the Herald Society Awards.
eNewsletter, Jan 2013

Check out our website ( where you will find more information, or you can contact:

Katrina McEntegart (Happy To Translate Development and Marketing Officer): 0131 444 4951
Dawn Abbott (Happy To Translate Policy & Operations Officer): 0131 444 4997
Admin Assistant: 0131 444 4942