Promoting Equality Respecting Diversity Embedding Inclusion

Welcome to the Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Programme

Trust is committed to achieving best practice in establishing and upholding policies and procedures which promote Equality, Diversity & Inclusion throughout the organisation.

Trust is the first Scottish housing association in Scotland to achieve Leaders in Diversity accreditation and is a nationally recognised leader in Equality, Diversity & Inclusion issues.

We have  updated our website to ensure it provides clear and comprehensive information on Trust’s activities regarding Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI). Thank you for visiting


Our vision & mission



To establish Trust Housing Association as a leader in the promotion of Equality and Diversity and as an organisation which is fully inclusive in everything we do from delivering customer services to recruiting and training staff.

Vision & Mission (PDF)



To recognise and uphold the equal rights of all individuals with whom we engage, and to ensure that we afford them equality of opportunity at all times.

To put in place policies and procedures that ensure Trust complies fully with Equality, Diversity and Inclusiveness legislation and best practice for the delivery of quality service and employment opportunities.

To embed a culture throughout Trust that embraces inclusiveness, fosters respect for diversity, and upholds the principle of equality at all times.

To ensure that the workforce is aware of the importance of adhering to Trust’s Equality Diversity & Inclusion Strategy and understand their individual and collective roles and responsibilities.

Key Aims


Ensure that every individual’s right to respect and equality will be at the heart of our processes, systems, procedures and training programmes.


Take an inclusive partnership approach to equality and diversity issues and seek to strengthen and augment partnerships with diverse stakeholder groups.


There is no room for complacency in EDI and we challenge prevailing attitudes, preconceptions and misconceptions within our Trust.


Assess our own EDI performance and actively seek out and learn from best practice examples in order to achieve continuous improvement.


Continuously strive for excellence in EDI and to be recognised as a leader both in our sector and more generally within Scotland and the UK.


Continue to publicly support the EDI agenda and to seek positive engagement with opinion formers and legislators.


Ensure confidentiality of information and record according to legal and organisational requirements.

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